Hole Again!

At PATCHMASTER we offer high quality drywall service for all those small holes, dings, and dents. Our technicians will leave it like it never happened. Contact us or book an appointment online now.

Let us make it whole again.


Added a ceiling fan or made other electrical changes?

Plumbing upgrade left holes?

Want to make your house market ready?

Just bought your “perfect” dream home?

Scratches or gouges in obvious places?

Did the horseplay get out of hand?

Entertaining for the holidays?

Renters left you with a damaged wall?

Need to get a property move-in ready?



The PatchMaster business model is simple; offer customers a fast, professional solution for dry wall, sheetrock, and plaster repairs.


PatchMaster Technicians

PatchMaster's drywall technicians are the best in the industry. Our technicians can finish most jobs in one day and specialize in texture matching.


Drywall and Sheetrock Repair

No matter the size, shape, or location our skilled technicians can make your home whole again.  We focus on repair, so our technicians can specialize in matching existing texture and making the hole disappear into the wall.

Plaster Repair

Plaster cracks and holes can make take the shine out of a beautiful home. Not to fear, PatchMaster can make that unsightly damage disappear int to the wall or ceiling around it. Our technicians are skilled in matching and blending plaster textures. You won't even know the area was damaged.

Paint matching - One color

Our technicians are skilled at feathering paint to avoid flashing where possible. But flashing (where the new paint can be seen) is common especially in rooms that receive inconsistent sun, or on dirty or dusty walls.

Dings and Dents

Bumps and dings happen, and we can make them disappear. Up to 4 dings and dents are included  with any job. We also offer specials on house touch-ups or home sale preparation.

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