Just bought a new home? Prepare for new paint by fixing those dings & dents the movers left behind!

Moving into a new home is exciting! If the sellers left the home in superior condition, all you have to do is unpack and settle in. Chances are, though, there will be cosmetic imperfections or preferences you’ll want to address before you get too far along. Perhaps the carpet needs to be updated or the kitchen deep-cleaned? Repainting is also a common project for new homeowners. Of course, it’s easier to do all these things before you put heavy furniture in place, hang photos on the wall or unpack the good china.

Before you break out the paintbrushes, take a good look at the area you want to update and inspect it for damage. You’re likely to find minor dings and scratches if the home has ever been lived in. Even if the sellers did their best to repair damage such as this, moving in or out can leave scuffs or other new damage. If you find any problem areas, it’s smart to repair them before painting – even small divots will still show after painting and will mar your hard work.

The good news is you can have this wall damage easily and quickly repaired – without adding anything to your project list! Our technicians at PatchMaster Serving the Greater Charlotte Area are trained to provide professional drywall and plaster repair for this type of damage. They will match the texture of the wall and, if desired, the paint color as closely as possible. The damage disappears overnight – and you have a fresh canvas on which to make your new home your own!

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