We'll be most efficient if we can park our vehicles as close to the entrance as possible; if there are parking restrictions, let us know.


We will need full access to the area to be fixed. All belongings and furnishings must be moved before we begin work*.


We will need access to power for our tools and fans. We will also need access to water.(Exterior sources or washroom) If there are limits, let us know.

Before We Begin


The patch area must be dry prior to patching. We highly recommend that any source of moisture has been addressed before we start working. If the area is not dry when we arrive to patch, we will not be able to complete the job.


If there are any discrepancies between what we quoted and the need we find on site, we will update the quote, review with you and proceed if approved.

* Additional fees may be incurred if we must reschedule or make other accommodations due to lack of access to the work area, or if the area has presence of mold or moisture. Mold resistant products available if desired.

On The Job

Debris: We will clean up and put all debris in garbage bags for your disposal unless other arrangements have been requested.

Dust: PatchMaster will work to minimize dust by using dust extracting tools, advanced containment tools, and proper area preparation.

Facilities: Our technicians will need access to bathrooms. We will use your guest bath unless directed differently.

Job Time: Drying times vary, so we may need to schedule another appointment to complete the job. Please allow fans, heaters or blowers on (possibly overnight) as instructed by your PatchMaster technician.

After The Patch

Review: Your satisfaction is our number one priority, your feedback help us to improve our service. We will forward you a request for a quick review and appreciate you taking the item to respond.

General Information

Painting: Painting services vary from location to location. These services may include paint matching, corner to corner painting or room painting. In all cases, paint colors will vary due to age of paint, fading, paint type or other factors.

Texture: Texture matching is an art not a science. PatchMaster has a stellar track record in matching even the most complicated textures. However, if your needs are beyond our skillset we will let you know. We will not take on a job we can not complete to your satisfaction.


Thank you for your interest in PatchMaster. If you would like a free estimate for drywall and sheetrock repair, painting services, popcorn ceiling removal, texture matching services, or small ding and dent repair, please leave your information below with a description of your project and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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