One of the most important and complex parts of a drywall repair is matching the texture.  Without a texture match, the hole will still be visible and unsightly even after a repair is completed so understanding the different textures is essential to a good repair.

Here are a few of the more common textures that can be seen reoccurring frequently through PatchMaster's service area.

Smooth Wall Drywall Textures

Simple and easy to identify the walls are smooth and flat.  Some very light texture is often present as a result of paint application.  Repairing a smooth wall often takes as long or longer than a textured wall as the repair needs to extend far beyond the damage to easily blend with the wall around it.


Orange Peel Drywall Textures

This spray-on texture is common in older homes and is most commonly found on walls, though it is sometimes found on ceilings as well.  It can be applied heavily, or lightly, and is sometimes knocked down to create a smoother finish. In small repairs, Orange Peel can be sprayed on via aerosol canister, but for larger repairs, the technician will need to use a compressor and hopper to finish the patch.


Skip Trowel Drywall Textures

Common in more modern homes skip-trowel technique provides a smoother texture while also hiding inconsistencies easily.  Each application of Skip Trowel is different and is in some ways an expression of the technician who applied it.  PatchMaster repair technicians can apply this texture to match the original application and make the repair disappear into the wall.


Heavy Knockdown Drywall Textures

This texture is common on walls and ceilings and is often initially applied by spray.  The key to matching this texture is understanding how heavy the initial application was and making sure the technician is careful in applying a matching coat.


Slap Brush Drywall Textures

This texture is primarily found on ceilings, and often follows a unique but random-seeming pattern.  Being able to identify this pattern and match it consistently is the key to these repairs.



If your texture is one of those found above or something that is unique to your home, our skilled technicians will be able to match it and make a repair that you will be pleased with.  By taking their time and showing attention to detail our drywall repair experts can match any texture and make your home whole again.