The extent to which drywall needs to be repaired varies with the type of problem. There are a variety of problems that can occur with drywall, from small nail holes to huge gaps caused by water damage. In addition to aesthetic concerns, drywall concerns often affect the stability of a building, which may compromise the safety of its occupants. Therefore, big drywall problems lead to more significant problems. Here are the top 5 most common drywall problems.

1. Nail Popping

Nails can pop through drywall if they aren't firmly set in the center of the joist or stud. You can do more damage to the drywall if you use the hammer to nail it back, and the nail may eventually come out again. Contact your local PatchMaster drywall professional to assess and fix the issue for drywall repair.

2. Water Damage

Another common drywall problem we encounter is drywall damage due to water. Water damage is often caused by a broken water line, which must be quickly repaired to not cause more damage. In addition, we also see water damage during the winter months from issues such as ice damming. While water damage from a waterline is often not avoidable, protecting your home from ice damming is.

Replacing drywall due to water damage is necessary not only from an aesthetic perspective, but wet drywall can create significant health issues. Once the water issue has been resolved, you will need to have an expert drywall technician replace the drywall to ensure you do not develop mold in your home or office.

3. Cracking

In both new and old buildings, cracks in the walls are pretty common and are caused by the normal settling of the structure, which can be repaired quickly and cost-effectively. A crack in the wall sometimes indicates a more significant issue. You will need to determine if the crack is a sign of a serious nature and what to do to make your space whole again.

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4. Loose Joint Tape

During the installation of drywall panels, the seams between each drywall panel are filled with drywall mud and then covered with paper tape. If the tape doesn’t have enough mud underneath to help it adhere firmly, over time, it will begin to pull away from the wall - resulting in a straight line crack where the tape has lifted.

If you are only experiencing a small hairline crack, you can often quickly repair this by using a bit of glue and pushing the seam down for a few minutes. If you are experiencing multiple areas of lift, you may need professional drywall repair to keep this issue from occurring in the future.

5. Dented Corner Bead

A corner bead is an L-shaped metal strip that covers the corners of drywall and is left invisible after the joint compound has been applied. Regular wear and tear of that corner can cause damage, denting the corner bead. As this repair can cause more damage to the existing drywall, it is best to call in a seasoned drywall expert to replace the corner bead, secure it, and sand it to a flawless finish. Your local PatchMaster drywall repair specialists can assist you with this.

When it comes to protecting your home or office, having a trusted professional on your side is a must. If you experience drywall damage, contact PatchMaster and let our team of expert technicians make you whole again. Give us a call at 1-844-PATCH-MAN (US) or 1-833-WE-PATCH (Canada).